Become a better, stronger you, as your emotional/physical pain releases.

Become a better, stronger you, as your emotional/physical pain releases.

Become a better, stronger you, as your emotional/physical pain releases. Become a better, stronger you, as your emotional/physical pain releases. Become a better, stronger you, as your emotional/physical pain releases.

The power of positivity: release the pain of the past and fear of the future

Certified International NeuroCoach


About Kelly

Kelly is a Certified NeuroCoach and holds a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. She has over 20 years’ experience working with adults, teens, and seniors who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, financial challenges, and career transitions. She has a passion assisting people find solutions that best fit their desires and needs. As a NeuroCoach, Kelly's specializes in releasing physical pain, anxiety, depressed mood and those who have experienced significant trauma, as well as business coaching. By integrating traditional psychological strategies with mindfulness and brain-based NeuroCoaching, clients will experience greater transformation in just a few sessions.

Seek changes faster, in 1 to 3 sessions with NeuroCoaching

NeuroCoaching is the fastest, most effective way to gain real change in only a few sessions

It’s time to…

  • Achieve your Goals
  • Learn to Trust your Inner Wisdom
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Use Compassionate Communication
  • Practice Daily Mindfulness in a Few Minutes each Day
  • Release Worry
  • Release Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Self Doubt
  • Release Physical Pain
  • Release Emotional Pain

Upcoming Mindful Bliss Retreats

Retreat Release - Future retreats to be announced. Retreats assist women to dramatically reduce the emotional residue caused by grief, past traumas, and abuse.  

What other's are saying

KELLY BENNETT has actually helped me change my life and given me some great tools to calm my pain, physical and emotional should/if they make an appearance.

The safety feel right from the first meeting, which is reinforced during each session, as whatever came up, Kelly had no judgment, only a love, and support, helping me to heal.

I started with a high number of pain and ended with very low numbers which have enabled me to feel brighter, lighter and more alive.

Kelly’s work with me has also enabled me to find myself again, the true happy Pollyanna girl I used to be but had buried.

So much so, I have gone from depressed with so much pain, all day every day, and no life, no desire for life, to being fully wanting to participate in life, core happy and I’m actually taking action steps toward my goal of my own business with a huge desire to live fully.

Huge transformation Kelly. Thank you for everything.



Neuro-Coaching is modeled on evidence-based neuroscientific research covering mindfulness, relaxation, stress-reduction, intuitive decision-making, and the development of emotional balance – strategies that have grown out of the research by Waldman, Newberg, Ekman, Panksepp, Siegel, and Davidson, many of which are documented in NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success.

Measurable increases in confidence, self-esteem, and work performance; greater confidence, serenity, and optimism; enhanced communication and problem-solving skills; increased ability to focus on goals and tasks; greater social awareness and financial responsibility, and the capacity to pursue a more meaningful, purposeful life.

What is NeuroCoaching? What can NeuroCoaching treat?

Josiah Hultren

What is NeuroCoaching?

NeuroCoaching is a highly effective brain-based and evidence-based strategy that is more effective than traditional coaching or therapy. Improve your cognitive, social, and emotional mindset with techniques that take only a few minutes to practice.


Depressed Mood, PTSD, and Anxiety Disorders

 Quickly learn how to ease anxiety disorder, depressed moods, and traumas.  Our brain's ability to adapt to stress creates new pathways that can interrupt our regular functioning. With NeuroCoaching you will be able to work through these stressors with greater ease than traditional therapy or coaching.


Acute and Chronic Pain Protocol

Do you have pain that affects your daily activities? Do you want to reduce your medications or eliminate them? Do you desire a natural way to deal with your physical pain? Is your pain acute or chronic? Is your pain causing you increasing anxiety? Learn the best Neuro Pain Releasing Protocol from NeuroFitness' Healthy Body Mind Aligned program. Choose from 3 programs with varying intensity. Ruby VIP one on one weekly support + group support weekly. Emerald  VIP Monthly one on one support + group support weekly. Pearl VIP weekly group support.