Kelly’s work with me has also enabled me to find myself again, the true happy Pollyanna girl I used to be but had buried.

So much so, I have gone from depressed with so much pain, all day every day, and no life, no desire for life, to being fully wanting to participate in life, core happy and I’m actually taking action steps toward my goal of my own business with a huge desire to live fully. 

Huge transformation Kelly. Thank you for everything.



Kelly came into my life at a time when I so desperately needed someone to help make sense of all the thoughts, goals and ideas floating around in my head. She listened thoughtfully as I rambled nonsensically about my life, concerns and fears then guided me through NeuroCoaching exercises to help me clear the clutter in my mind.


All the way through Kelly was guiding, supportive, understanding and encouraging. Throughout the Neuro Coaching activities I never felt uncomfortable, although they were challenging me to focus on myself and what I want for myself.  Today I am in a much better place thanks to the support, techniques and encouragement given to me by Kelly.